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some book club friendships...

Libby ♥ Abi ♥ Nadia ♥ Vicky

Ater originally meeting on a buddy read thread, the four of us (Libby, Abi, Vicky, and Nadia) managed to get together in Birmingham for a lovely book club weekend, travelling from all over the UK – London, Bristol and Scotland! 

The weekend consisted mostly of Prosecco, good food and a lot of non-stop chatting into the early hours of the morning. And, of course it would have been rude not to spend a good hour or so in the 4-storey Waterstones while we were shopping, picking out some of our favourite books. 

Nadia joined us on Friday, and that evening we did the cocktail challenge with Abi taking inspiration from Evelyn Hugo. 

We spent Saturday afternoon at Tonight Josephine for a burlesque brunch which was really fun. 

And we finished the weekend with one of the best roasts ever from 1000 trades! 

Shout out to Libby for being an incredible host and having us in her humble abode

Charley ♥ Sophie

Hey, we’re Charley and Sophie, and we met through Beths Book Club over a year ago now! Funnily enough we actually got talking over my super cute bee bedding to begin with, and it just went from there! 

Since then we have met twice, I went to Cornwall last year for my birthday and saw Sophie for the first time but only for an hour or so, and then I went and visited her in June for a whole weekend! It was the most lovely weekend and we’ve already planned in some more dates! Never did I think I would meet one of my best friends online or through the bookclub, but I did! Life wouldn’t be the same without Sophie, she has helped me through so so much in the last year and I’m forever grateful to her and love her lots! X

Libby ♥ Abi

We’re Abi and Libby and we met through the Beth’s book club buddy read thread with two other lovely gals Vicky and Nadia! 

It started off just chatting about the book (Ghosts by Dolly Alderton) but very quickly turned into regular zooms, rose wine always in hand, and our slightly over-active WhatsApp group! 

Since then the two of us have met in London and went for a bottomless brunch that lasted well into the night – we couldn’t stop chatting for 9 hours straight! And we have a whole weekend in Birmingham planned for the four of us to finally meet in person which we can’t wait for – book themed cocktails and lots of wine are definitely on the agenda!

Sarah ♥ Sarah

Hello! We’re Sarah & Sarah! Or, to make it a little less confusing Sarah H. (@sarahaurorax) and Sarah W. (@warsawsworld). Our bookclub friendship started online and ended in the Netherlands. If you’ve been with the book club for some time (and subscribed to the newsletter) you might remember that Sarah W. was the very first person to be in the member spotlight, in which she mentioned that she was living in the UK but was soon planning on moving to the Netherlands to stay with her boyfriend. Sarah H, being Dutch, thought it would be fun to follow Sarah W. to see where her Dutch adventures would take her. Some story reactions, comments and conversations later and we’d decided to meet up in Sarah H’s home city of Utrecht. Safe to say we hit it off immediately (and probably talked about books and related subjects about 70% of the time) and the rest, as they say, is history!

Since then we’ve explored Utrecht, Breda and Amsterdam, and have wandered around countless second hand stores, taking a bunch of photos of street art and went to the Moco Museum in Amsterdam, with its famous Instagram hot spot which you can see in the photo above. And we obviously can’t wait to go on a lot more adventures together once corona (or at least this lockdown) lifts! 

So thanks to Beth’s book club for bringing us together! And to all fellow book club members, we definitely recommend finding a book club buddy! 

Steph ♥ Hollie

Hollie and I both joined the book club separately and had not known each other previously… I added some Jodi Picoult books to the book swap, Hollie emailed me to ask for those books- a couple of weeks later we happened to be speaking via Instagram, when we realised that I had sent her books! 

Since this day we have become best friends, we speak most days and our friendship is growing and we hope that when we are allowed that we can meet each other for food and drinks! I am so thankful I joined this group as I got to make friends with Hollie who I absolutely adore!

Emily ♥ Georgie

We both started our bookstagram accounts this time last year. We got chatting about all things bookish and then found out that we both live close by in Newcastle upon Tyne! 

After lockdown restrictions lifted in the summer, we met up for cocktails in the sun and we’ve been great friends ever since. We chat all the time and have enjoyed meeting up again recently for a coffee and a walk out! 🙂