How to grow your bookstagram (a bookish Instagram) is a question we’re often asked. Growing on Instagram can be pretty tough, so we thought we’d put together a list of tips that will hopefully help you!


Keep your style consistent. That’s not to say you can’t change up your editing, throw in a few curveballs here and there – it’s your feed, you should absolutely post what you want! – but if you want to grow, I think it’s good if your followers know what to expect from you. 

While you don’t have to have a set theme or editing style, I do like it when I can immediately tell by the photo who has posted it. On my (Hels) personal bookstagram (@thehelsproject), I use Beth’s Spring presets, and on the Book Club Instagram, we’ve started using her Autumn presets, and I think the consistent style makes them pretty recognisable when scrolling through your feed! You want a theme or style that reflects you!

Post regularly – you can post daily if you want to, I definitely found that my following grew when I posted around the same time each day, but if you need a break, never feel guilty for switching off! 


You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. It’s a good idea to try and use different ones each time, and to use a mix of bigger/more popular tags, and smaller ones. We often share posts tagged with #BethsBookClub which can be a great way for your account to reach more people. 

Here are some of the hashtags we regularly use!

#BethsBookClub #AVeryBookishPost #beautifulbooks #bookstagramappreciation #totalbooknerd #bookbloggershub #alwaysreading #creativebookstagram #whatimreadingnow #readingismagic #bookphotography #bookinspired #readingismyhappyplace #bookworm #bookstafeatures #readersgonnaread #booksconnectus #mybookfeatures #booksbooksbooks #bookishgirl #bookstagramcommunity #fortheloveofreading


I love taking part in photo prompt challenges as I find it motivates me to actually take photos (and discover new accounts) and try to push myself with my styling of photos. Shameless self promo…if you fancy taking some festive book photos, I’ve got a photo prompt challenge, #AVeryBookishPostChallenge running over on my personal Instagram (@thehelsproject) throughout December! Get creative with posts, maybe try your hand at Photoshop, Reels or IGTV, or find new ways to review books.


Engagement on Instagram is so important. I’ve generally found the bookstagram community to be incredibly welcoming and supportive, and I’ve made some amazing friends as a result. Comment on other people’s posts, follow and support other accounts – if you read a book review on someone’s post, let them know what you think, or if someone inspired you to buy/read a book, tell them – it’s always the loveliest thing to hear! 

Be chatty on your captions and start a conversation – and reply to any comments! I often try to ask a question relating to books – what are you currently reading, do you have a favourite genre etc, and it’s a fun way to start discussions!

Stories are also a great way to engage with others, a few of our favourite things to share on stories are:

  • Showing any new books we’ve got
  • A poll on what to read next
  • Games & templates (we have a highlight of these on our profile!)
  • Shouting out accounts you love
  • Sharing small businesses
  • Asking for recommendations
  • Reading progress
  • Mini book reviews
  • …and of course daily photos of whatever mug we happen to be drinking tea from!

Instagram should be fun, and I know it’s easy to get caught up in numbers, but if you’re posting about something you love, then it’ll show through and you’ll find your account growing!