Four Reads To Escape Into This Summer

Four Reads To Escape Into This Summer

Whether you’re heading off for a holiday abroad or staying closer to home this summer, you’ll always be able to escape into a book and travel to some incredible places within the pages. We’ve chosen four books for you to dive into this summer…


Book Lovers (Emily Henry)

Visit the little town of Sunshine Falls, setting of our June pick, Book Lovers by Emily Henry. 

Book Lovers is the story of Nora and Charlie. She is a cut-throat literary agent, he is an editor known for creating bestsellers, and the two do not see eye-to-eye. Nora’s pregnant sister Libby convinces her to spend a month together in the small town of Sunshine Falls, North Carolina – a very different setting to New York where they live. But when they arrive, Nora keeps running into…Charlie. 

This rivals-to-lovers book is ideal escapism and the perfect summer read. Emily Henry is known for writing heartwarming romances, and it’s easy to see why her books are so popular!


Malibu Rising (Taylor Jenkins Reid) 

If you want to head to the beach this summer, there is no way we could leave Malibu Rising off this list. Malibu Rising is set in Malibu in 1983, and follows four famous siblings over the course of 24 hours as they throw an epic party to celebrate the end of summer. The siblings are a source of fascination in Malibu – and around the world, they’re the children of legendary singer Mick Riva. The story explores the secrets that have shaped this family, and what happens when they all come to the surface…

Taylor Jenkins Reid is known for writing beautiful, immersive stories, and Malibu Rising is no different. You’ll be thrown into the lives of the Riva siblings, and you won’t want to leave.


Beach Read (Emily Henry)

We know it’s another by Emily Henry, but with a title like Beach Read, it had to be one of our summer reading recommendations! January Andrews is a romance writer who no longer believes in love, and Augustus Everett is a highly-acclaimed author of literary fiction. They are polar opposites, but they are currently living in neighbouring beach houses…and both have been struck down with writer’s block. One evening, they decide to swap genres – Augustus will spend the summer writing something happy, and January will attempt to pen the next Great American Novel, and maybe everything they thought they knew about happily-ever-afters will be turned on its head…

Another fun, heartwarming book to escape into this summer, Beach Read will make you want to go on holiday (and write a book!) and you’ll find yourself falling in love with the characters. 


One Italian Summer (Rebecca Serle)

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle is set in the beautiful village of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Katy and her mother Carol had the summer of a lifetime planned, but when Carol dies, Katy is left reel and is now faced with taking the trip to Positano alone. When she arrives, Katy starts to feel her mother’s spirit, and feels herself starting to heal…and then Carol appears – healthy, tanned and thirty years old. Katy has one Italian summer to get to know Carol, as the young woman she was before Katy was born. 

A very intriguing premise and plot, you’ll be swept away with the beautiful descriptions of the village, and the descriptions of the food will leave you feeling hungry!


What books will you be reading this summer?


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